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R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd.
Hardwood timber is a renewable resource that translates into renewable income when managed properly.
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Woodlot Management & Hardwood Harvesting in Hanover

R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. specializes in woodlot management and selective hardwood harvesting services in Hanover and throughout southern Ontario.

Sustainable Forestry

At R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd., we practice sustainable forestry. Sustainable forestry combines concern for the health of the woodlot with sustaining our precious raw materials for generations to come. R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. ensures that our logging crews and associates practice environmentally responsible methods. They understand the importance of proper management and are very involved in the concepts and practices of ecosystem protection.

Caring for Woodlots Throughout Southern Ontario

Woodlots are precious and deserve professional care. That’s why R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. has been caring for them for the past two generations, and our goal is to continue that professional care for generations to come.

The southern Ontario woodlands contribute hugely to the quality of our lives. The woodlands provide more than just a home for various species of animals and plants, but create a space for recreation and support for economic opportunities within Hanover and surrounding communities. Furthermore, the southern Ontario woodlands play a vital role in regulating our climate and conserving our water and soil. Everyone benefits from healthy forests and well-managed woodlands.

For over 70 years, R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. has the experience and education to conduct sustainable forestry woodlot management and selective hardwood harvesting for Hanover and area’s landowners.

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If you have a woodlot and are considering having some logging done, please contact R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. Our reputation and experience are well respected throughout Southern Ontario. We would be happy to provide references or show you our work. We offer woodlot inspections to help you evaluate and determine the best forest management plan for you and your woodlot.

*Please note: we do not work with pine or cedar trees. We do not sell firewood.

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