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R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd.
Hardwood timber is a renewable resource that translates into renewable income when managed properly.
For Landowners
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Woodlot Management

R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. – Southern Ontario Woodlot Management Specialists

Discover the benefits of hardwood timber, a renewable resource that can become a renewable income when properly managed, by calling R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. in Hanover.

Woodlot Management & Hardwood Tree Harvesting

R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. specializes in woodlot management and selective hardwood harvesting. We survey, remove, maintain, and sell hardwood timber, bush lots, and logs. We work with rural and recreational property owners to help promote sustainable forestry.

What You Can Expect from R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd.

At R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd., our staff has a reputation for being knowledgeable about forestry. You can rest assured our team has the training and experience necessary to manage a variety of woodlots. We are completely insured.

R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. genuinely cares about our Ontario woodlots. That’s why we always provide top quality workmanship and service to landowners. Call today to schedule a woodlot evaluation.

Hardwoods We Specialize In

  • Hard maple

  • Oak

  • Cherry

  • Ash

  • Walnut

  • Soft maple

    *Please note we do not work with softwood trees, pine, or cedar. We do not sell firewood.

Accreditations & Honours

Service Area

  • Grey

  • Bruce

  • Wellington

  • Dufferin

Dividing Line

Main: 1-888-583-2748 | Office: 519-364-0971 | | Call Rod Direct at 519-369-7040

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