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R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd.
Hardwood timber is a renewable resource that translates into renewable income when managed properly.
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Information for Interested Woodlot Landowners in Southern Ontario

What follows is a general outline of the process we use to manage landowner woodlots.

  1. A landowner contacts us or we contact them.

  2. Owner provides outline of property, either verbally, by demonstrating during a tour, or by providing an aerial photo.

  3. Rod walks the bush, marking trees he suggests for harvesting based on best woodlot management. He targets the poorer quality trees for harvest or spacing of trees where they become overcrowded and leaves a healthy uneven aged stand with the proper basal area.

  4. We discuss findings with the owner and get their approval for all work.

  5. Proposal is submitted to the county.

  6. The forestry by-law officer reviews marking and if it is considered a ‘best forestry practice’ marking, approval is given.

  7. We receive approval along with the owner and the cutting/skidding permit.

  8. Harvesting is done.

  9. Logs are sawed at a local sawmill.

  10. Logs are sawed into standard lengths of lumber which is then available at your local building supply store. They are also used in building homes and creating beautiful furniture both locally and globally.

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