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R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd.
Hardwood timber is a renewable resource that translates into renewable income when managed properly.
Woodlot Management

From the President of R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd.

All of our cutter and skidder operators are fully certified by the approved officials of the Ministry of Colleges and Trades. Our timber buyers are forestry technicians who have completed the two year forestry program at Sir Sandford Fleming College. Furthermore, we are members of The Ontario Forestry Association and The Ontario Woodlot Association. As such, our awareness and understanding of Ontario forests is constantly being updated.

R. Grein Timber Co. Ltd. has built its reputation on quality service and high quality workmanship. As a result, we have experienced a loyal and long running relationship with many woodlot owners.

- Rod Grein


You can call Rod direct at 519-369-7040 as it is the best way to connect with him.

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